On the Horizons of Adulthood

Must be the hardest stage of life,,


When at around 25 we may be proud that we are sailing well on our own, both professionally and personally. But wait the people in our surroundings wont allow us to decide upon what we want and settle upon what we have. Though the action is all ours we are ultimately tamed by the contagious desires fed by the flaunting acquaintances. Most of us just take the unconditional chances not knowing that we are capable of taking ‘the road not taken’. Lucky are those who constantly get the right advice at the right time and took the right action at all stages of life.


First hardest thing is about deciding upon the job we hold. Its all that decides the way of living; Where to live, when to live and how to live. The world is getting very competitive everyday and the fear that the struggle for the existence is getting tougher makes the urge to constantly learn new things.  And with the pace of this urge we should be constantly trying to get a better job than the current job, else we are lost to fragility. The first hope for a healthy situation here in a job is getting the satisfaction of accomplishment  or some recognition for the work. Second is the harmony with the peers in earning some reputation and fame. The key factors for the success here are self-discovery, affirmation and acceptance.


Second hardest thing is deciding about the friends, family, relationships and the time spent with them. We will have to decide carefully whom to stay with, whom to hangout with, whom to go close with and also importantly whom to ignore. Keep an eye on who’s giving pace for our values and get closer with them. Recognize who really cares and start socializing at the premium with those who are just curious. Make parents, siblings and family still prouder and happier. The healthy situation here is earning lots of friends, close circles and spending more times with them to get a feel that we are not isolated, limited and extinct.

I have just now grown to a stage where I could define all the above and I wish that the success factors on entering into those healthy situations should be spontaneous.