Memories of School


Primary School:

  • Going to school by rickshaw.
  • Running race in the sandy ground.
  • Lunch in the underground.
  • Lunch hour gang fights.
  • Paper, pad cricket games.
  • Pen games.
  • Race for copying the contents from board.
  • Circus, movies, excursions(trichy, kanyakumari) Fun fair and Annual day.

Middle School:

  • Walking to previous stop to catch school bus.
  • First row in class and during prayers.
  • “I shall not be…”, “We shall over come…”, “Hey Parameshwar…” prayers.
  • High throw with cashew nut.
  • Getting ready fast during swimming period.
  • Rushing to ground during games hour.
  • Frightful computer labs.
  • ‘Ok’ counts.
  • Playful yoga and karate classes.
  • Freaks about tazos, tattoos, stamp collections.
  • Class cuts during preparations for science exhibition.
  • Parade and sports day rehersals in hot sun.
  • ‘House spirit’ in sports events.
  • Searching for 18+ content in library books.
  • Friday’s casual dress.
  • Virtual classes, personality development classes, foreigner’s visiting classes.
  • Milos, Noodles, Mobile library, circus.
  • Prefects swearing in ceremony, teacher’s day, thiruvalluvar day, art-craft competition.
  • Science Exhibition, Sports day, Annual day.

High School: 

  • Waking up late in morning.
  • Running to bus stop to catch school bus.
  • Last seat chatters in bus.
  • Waiting for substitute games hour.
  • Joint classes during language hours.
  • Taking radio to school and listening to cricket scores.
  • Frightful chemistry and physics labs.
  • Rushing for lunch(esp for NV).
  • Night studies.
  • Snacks given during night studies(especially mini idlis, bread bajjis) Mosquito, Coils plays.
  • Orkut freaks.

Farewell day, scrap books. ‘Ammonia’, ‘Maaikyan’, ‘Madappayan’, ‘Portuguesa karaya’….