Hostel Life at CEG

Some memorable events I could recollect

  • Year I Dumped as 5th in 4 accommodated room, with B.E students.
  • Water Scarcity, had to wake before sunrise if I had to go to class after taking a bath.
  • Hardly ate twice a day, mostly missed breakfasts.
  • Mess food was hard to digest.
  • Later shifted to 50 accommodated dormitory room(Highways extension block) with my classmates.image
  • Since we were allotted rooms with our classmates(Jayasenthil, Murali, Swaminathan, Vasanth, Rajesh, Arul Viknesh, Anand Vikram, Murali, Dhiliphan, Thiru kumaran,Saravana) itself all these years, have been spending most times only with them and all get-goings only with them.
  • Had long night chats, spoke about everything in world we knew and most of the times about girls in our class.
  • We were all in the stage to share and learn our used-tos.
  • Rarely went out for shopping or some rambling.
  • First time rambled out with friends.image 
  • Found craziness in my mobile and text messages.
  • Had no interest in club activities, NCC, NSS.
  • Sat in browsing center, reading and copying blogs till late nights.
  • Weekends always passed with long sleeps.
  • We enjoyed playing cricket in grounds and near our hostel.image
  • Watched IPL matches, shouting and supporting for CSK.
  • Few of my friends are in love, they are always in phone conversation.
  • First glimpse of the cultural extravaganzas – Agni, Kalakrithi, Techofes, Hostelday and Kurukshetra.
  • We won first prize for maintaining our room clean during hostel day.
  • Ragged by seniors during our department symposium.
  • Year II We were accomodated 2 per room with my classmates(4th block). But 3 of us stayed in my room.
  • My room is always awkwardly untidy, I never bothered.
  • Used to wake up at 8.10, present in class at 8.30. Continued missing breakfasts.
  • Got used to mess food, felt ‘not bad’
  • Few pets came pestering around us always. I love cats and dogs.image
  • We had elongated chats, now funnily interpreted and mocked the staffs.
  • Often hanged out.
  • Went to Beasant nagar beach late night and were caught in rain.
  • Went to Mahabalipuram.
  • Watched few night shows.
  • Downloaded lots of movies in browsing center.
  • Started interacting well with seniors and first thing would be about staff, then girls.
  • Enjoyed culturals with seniors in a gang.image
  • Started celebrating birthdays with bumps and cakes – 1st to go Jayasenthil’s on 9/7/2009.
  • I bought a cycle.image
  • We played few tournament cricket matches intensively.
  • One of my roommate (Arul Viknesh) left hostel and college. We missed him a lot.
  • Slept on the corridors on the rooftop to chillout during hot days.
  • Year III The same accomodation, 2 per room with my classmates(5th block). But later I was staying alone because my other room mate rarely stayed there.
  • 2 others also left hostel, turned dayscholars(Anand & Vikram).
  • I bought a laptop. Now Laptop is all my world. No more browsing centers only WiFi. I hardly slept 5 hours during night. Sometimes I did cut the first hours of class.
  • We watched lots of movies. Its the best time pass you could have in a hostel.image
  • Often hanged out at kotturpuram for snacks. Weekends dinners at hostels when the mess menu is a real yuck.
  • Late night shows, frequently visited and the near one was Ganapathiram theatre, Adyar.
  • My sister got a job in Chennai. Had times spending weekends with her.
  • Watched cricket matches. Celebrated India winning WCC, CSK winning IPL.
  • Powercuts during assessments turned out to be chatter timesimage 
  • Year IV Once again 4th block, but the room away from other classmates.
  • I lost my cycle at the beginning of project sem. I parked in the college main entrance gate and some one stole it. 2 months later bought another cycle.
  • Proj sem was utterly bored. Seemed to have more vetti times.
  • We played games on LAN.image
  • Designed website for one of the Department Symposiums.
  • Year V Again 4th block, but this room annoyed-leaks on a rainy day.
  • Designed website for our department run society for students-Math Computing Society.
  • Everyone busy with placement preparations. luckily I got placed.
  • My friend(Ramson) is at Chennai during my proj sem; rambled all weekends with him-malls, cinemas, shopping, beaches..
  • Project sem got busy with office.
  • Playing cards is our new time pass.image 

Few things that made me feel 000203F6.gif (75×65)

  • Often fell into mocks and teases, most of which turned to be disgraceful, than funny.
  • When someone forcibly interfered something I had personal.
  • I was never comfortable with some used-tos and hence couldn’t find a sole companionship.
  • With some I couldn’t change this attitude “Don’t ask me anything, I too won’t ask”.

Few things that made me feel great

  • Dressing sense greatly improved.
  • Learnt why to go for the best.
  • Learnt when to be punctual.
  • Learnt how to be economical.
  • Learnt why I shouldn’t lie again.
  • Learnt why there should be lots of friends.

Me joining in Anna University, happened suddenly and unexpectedly; I have always considered it lucky. Its surely hard to leave such a leisurely spent hostel life, I will miss it badly.


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