Howz Life !!

Today when am spending times, I have got a very big doubt “Am I really destined for what I am now ?”

I have always been optimistic finding no real difference between these 2 paradigms :

Blame yourself for what you are and praise yourself for what you are not.
Praise yourself for what you are and blame yourself for what you are not.

Initially I believed its all spontaneous and everything happens according to destiny. I have been into a very clueless life, every part driven by unconditional chances and coincidences. No goal, no determination and no special efforts. But I had been placed to travel through a comfortable path by destiny. So how am I destined for this ? Now I believe that the good deeds and the prayers my parents have showered on my cause have surely helped.

My parents have greatly inspired me with onething ‘Compromises’ and yes ‘Might’ is right. I could see that what they had seeded in the all these years by sacrificing most of their happiness for our wellness is now sprouting out. Making a lot of compromises, in a belief that there are good times ahead and sure they are going to workout someday. Patience should be the best virtue I have got. I have learnt to wait and wait and regret less for all those lost chances and in the meanwhile I was trapped into the good chances.

Now there has to be another virtue to make possible outcomes of those chances – ‘Adaptation’. In a way to prove myself that “I am what I am”, I was ignorant that I actually have failed to adapt to people and situations. Neverthelesss I would have had lots of merry making moments in the time I had spent with the atmosphere I have lived so far. Maturity is all about learning these things on own. But am really immature in this and have been seeking someone to teach all this – ‘Friends’. This is the best help friends can do. You could possibly accept all awkward situations when your surrounding is full of friends and that fear and shyness is gone.

Uder the oblivion I yearn to spend lot of times with my ‘Friends’. And spending the professional life without atleast a few of them has even got worser. Reverting back I should definitely call my college days ‘Heaven’ !! Now when someone asks, “Howz life ?” , “Ya, easy going” whispering “all the above conditions apply” !!