In the meanwhile in work life….

I thought moving to Chennai will provide me a comfortable work atmosphere. I got into a project that has made me very irregular. My casualties continued from college life. Procrastination has again been the hindrance. Initially I was not mindful of my role, which greatly slowed me in learning the work flow. Eventually my tasks turned a heck. My project manager is a genuine kind of and he learnt my ways and never uttered a word about my performance. But only until we were into the scorching phases of the project, he then induced me to put some extra effort and get going better. The learning process in work life has been too slow but has made a great transition. Just then a small realization arouse ‘when reputation is lost everything is lost’ and that brought the fear. A small sacrifice in time and a lot of self learning experience and efforts and then came the transition phase that has unconditionally tamed me. Also there’s been lots of changes in personal behavior, character and ways of life in this transition. I believe this has ‘literally’ started bringing in me the real maturity, adulthood has just now begun.